Friday, September 27, 2013

FISHing on Friday: APPLES!

This week, FISH was in contact with local farmer Perry McFarland about potentially picking apples. With the help of KnoxCorp Associate Bridget Doherty and Knox College's Blessings in A Backpack, hundreds of apples were collected and distributed throughout the community! Not only did Blessings in A Backpack pack apples for the kids it helps but FISH distributed some and so did Knox Prairie Community Kitchen!

A HUGE thanks to Mr.McFarland as none of this would have been possible without him!
And a big thanks to Blessings Volunteers and FISH Volunteers for working hard every day!

Wishing the best on this fabulous friday,

The Blessings Volunteers and Perry McFarland!

Tons of Apples!

And lastly, the wonderful Knox Students and Blessings in a Backpack members who donated their time to pick apples! 

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